Ms. Moric

Room 108 


Nerd, Teacher, Writer, Crafter, Gamer

 I have a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from the University of Illinois, and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, also from the Fighting Illini.  I've been teaching for over 20 years, with experience in Kindergarten, Gifted Ed., and Technology Instruction.  This is my 12th year at River Trails School District.


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I'm supposed to eat healthy so my incoming 5th graders can pull me further than the 12 inches of distance I got this year.  THIS IS NOT HELPING!

I have some books that are so used, they are literally falling apart. So, I'm thinking...

Since I've made it quite clear how important my dogs are to me, I figured it was only fair for me to post this update. Sylvannis passed away over Winter Break. It's taken me a while to even be able to write those words, but there they are. She was really sick, and it wasn't fair to let her continue suffering. It's been weird in the house without her - Brynne is very lost. Luckily the remaining two are still a handful, so I've been kept very busy with them.