Preschool Screening

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Preschool Screening
Posted on 05/11/2020
Blocks spelling Preschool
RTSD26 will offer preschool screenings to all district 3 and 4 year olds suspected of having a developmental delay. In addition, we will also be screening students to see if they are eligible for the ECDEC preschool program and our Bilingual Spanish Preschool program. To be eligible for these programs, families must meet specific criteria that can be explained to you at the screening. If you are concerned that your child has a delay in vision, hearing, motor, speech, language, cognition and/or social functioning, call 224- 612-7308 to set up a screening time. All screenings are done by appointment only and take place at Indian Grove School. Screenings are held on Mondays and are once a month through April.