5th Grade ELA
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Fifth grade English Language Arts prepares students for middle school. The ELA concepts and skills help guide the students towards independence in their literacy skills and incorporate opportunities for growth in research, listening, and speaking. Below, you will find some of the core focuses in ELA throughout the school year:

ELA Focus

Concept and/or Skill


Students are becoming independent readers focusing on comprehension, vocabulary building, and providing evidence from the text to support their thoughts and responses. Students focus on key fifth grade literacy skills that include the following: compare and contrast, inferencing, drawing conclusions, identifying main idea and detail, identifying and interpreting graphic sources, literary elements (setting, character, plot, climax, and resolution), etc.


Students are developing their writing and honing in on skills to write a successful paragraph in the beginning of the year. A successful paragraph provides a topic sentence, at least three supporting details, and a conclusion. Students are also developing their non-fiction summary skills. After winter break, students are using their mastery of writing a paragraph to develop a five paragraph essay including a topic paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.


Language is developed through the students' reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This is exposure and use of fifth grade level vocabulary in their speech and writing. Also, the students focus on word choice, use of transition words, writing in complete sentences, capitalization, proper punctuation, and spelling.

Speaking and Listening

Students will produce a variety of research-based, content-rich multimedia projects that require formal presentations. Students focus on voice, volume, eye contact, posture, and fluency while presenting. Throughout the entire year, students are working on listening to others and building off of other’s comments, questions, and thoughts to enhance their own.