Early Learning Center Renovation

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Early Learning Center Renovation
Posted on 07/15/2020
Early Learning Center Sign

During the summer and fall of 2020 the district will be completely remodeling the Parkview Early Learning Center.  Once completed, the building will house all of the district's Pre-school and Kindergarten students.   Interior demolition has begun, and construction is expected to be complete by January 2021. When construction is complete the building will have space for 10 Kindergarten classrooms and 4 Pre-K classrooms, space for music and art, and a "natural" playground, allowing teachers to incorporate the outdoors into their curriculum.

The renovated building will be "Net Zero Energy" building, which means that we will be generating all the electricity required to run the building by using solar panels installed on the roof, as well as other energy savings design elements.  To help pay for the renovation, the district was awarded a Net Zero Energy Grant of up to $2,000,000.